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8 Ball Pool

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8 Ball Pool is a game where players compete with one another in a pool tournament. Players can play online or on a mobile device. Players can set up their own tables and customize them with a variety of themes. There are 8 ball pool tournaments with prizes for the top three players and three difficulty levels. There are also multiple pool games that players can play on their own or with other players.


The game starts with players choosing an avatar and a table theme. Players can also customize the table by choosing a table surface, such as cloth, felt, or slate. Players can choose to add stripes, colors, or patterns to the table. The more expensive the table, the more options players have to customize the table. Players can also choose to add a bumper to the table. The bumper is a rubber barrier that is placed in the center of the table to prevent balls from hitting the end of the table. Players can also choose what kind of balls they would like to use. Players can choose to use standard balls, snooker balls, a cue ball, and playing cards.

The game starts off with each player choosing a cue ball, and the game will automatically assign each player color. Players can move the cue ball anywhere on the table to prepare for their turn. At the beginning of a turn, the player clicks the cue ball and it will start to "spin" in the spot where it was clicked. Players can choose to spin the cue ball either clockwise or counterclockwise. When the cue ball spins, it will automatically start to hit the other balls on the table. The player will then have to get the cue ball to hit the ball that is the same color as the player's cue ball.


The graphics of the game are decent quality, though the table designs can be a little generic.

Information on replayability of 8 Ball Pool

There are plenty of tables, balls, and cue sticks to choose from, which makes it have high replayability.


8 ball pool is a fun game that is easy to play and can be played on a mobile device. Though the game requires a lot of space and can be difficult to play with other people, it is still a fun game to play, and has a variety of customizations.


  • Has a variety of game modes
  • Fun for all ages
  • Easy to play
  • Can be played on a mobile device
  • Competitive
  • Has a variety of customizations
  • Free to play


  • Requires a lot of space
  • Difficult to play with other people
  • Only one mode of play
  • Some tables are too expensive
  • Some tables are too generic


8 Ball Pool 8 Ball Pool
8 Ball Pool
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